Consigning and Selling at Eres Boutique

We’re obsessed with new trends, styles and giving fashion a second chance. Not vibing with certain items in your closet anymore? Or maybe you enjoy a rotating wardrobe, trying new trends? Consigning is a great way to give your clothing a second life, try new looks, and make money from clothes you no longer wear. 

Easy Steps to Selling and Consigning

1 ) Select your gently used or like-new items. We accept items that are current and in-trend, clean, and with little to no wear. We focus on styles, current trends, quality, and what our customers are buying. 

2 ) Call our store (206) 317-4553 to make an appointment. Appointments are usually 30 mins to 1 hr depending on the number of items you bring in. You are welcome to drop off your items and pick them up or shop around at our store during that time.

3 ) The items we select will have an option for 'sell now' which means you get cash on the spot. If you chose the option to consign, you will receive your money when your items sell. 


Consignment Rates

You earn:

40% for items sold for $199 and under.

50% for items sold for $200 - $499 

60% for items sold for $500 and over. 



We love making this process as easy and transparent as possible. We will set you up with a login and password to have full visibility of your item, when it sells, and to watch your balance grow as your items sell! 

Balances will be available on the last Friday of each month via Venmo or cash.