About Eres Boutique








Nathalie Donoso


As a self-proclaimed thrift queen and fashion lover, I always envisioned a modern and curated shop, where I could find unique and trendy pieces without having to spend hours searching at a thrift store or tons of money at a mall. That's how Eres Boutique was born. 

I believe fashion to be a form of self-care and expression. There is something special about the process of picking an outfit that you love, wearing it, and loving the way you look and feel as walk out the door. (Or stay in.. thanks Covid. lol)

At Eres Boutique we want to provide a second-hand shopping experience that is fun, easy, and that challenges any dated or negative beliefs/ideas of second-hand fashion. We want to show you that you can love fashion, save money, time while being kind to our environment.